My Project seems like a lot of other qmail filters, but it.s not.
By Chris L Franklin

Unlike all the other filters out there, which really only filter out SPAM, mine filters all email. My program does not just Delete it or Bounce the mail, but Sorts it into the users. different Folders based on the users setting. Which are stored in the database and defineable though a web interface.

Here is how it works:
Mail comes in to qmail. Then qmail runs that email though all its loops. Then qmail looks for a .qmail or .qmail-default file in the users home dir OR in the Domains dir. (If your using Virtual domains) My Program then reads in the whole email and breaks it up into Header info and Body info. Then the program breaks up the Header info into From and Subject. Then the program compares the From and Subject to those defined in the user stored settings. If matches are found, then the email is written into the right directory as a new email. If no match is found, the program writes it out into the INBOX as a new email.

Requirement of my program:
1. php 4.1.2 Or higher
2. pear Database files
3. A database that pear can use (Mysql,sql,..etc)
4. web server (Apache )
5. qmail + Maildir 6. imap
All Downloads Can be found : Here
All INSTALL instrutions can be found : Here
The TODO list can be found : Here
All Forums can be found : Here
Optional items

And if you have any idea's or need help you can email me at
BE SURE to put the word 'q-sorter' in the subject !!!!
Development server it was built on :
1. php 4.1.2
2. pear
3. Mysql
4. Apache
5. qmail + Maildir + Auth smtp
6. vpopmail
7. Courier-imap
8. Redhat 7.2 (Stay away from 8.0 !! )

I would just like to a Thanks to the fallowing groups. Logo Logo My Sites Logo
By Chris L Franklin.